Wedding ProcessAt Little D Studios, the process is designed to be easy and painless.

After all, your wedding day should be worry free……..


Meeting You

We love meeting new people, an initial meeting is a very important part of the process. It allows us to get to know one another and to determine if we are a good fit.  We will even come to you – it’s that important. You hire a wedding photographer to record and capture your day. But the photographer is also there to capture the spirit of the day and the personal experiences of the bride and groom. It helps us to do this if we can get to know you a little before you actually walk down the aisle. We want your personalities to shine through onto your images. Our meeting also serves to help guide you through the early planning stages of the wedding day celebration. Knowing how to schedule your day properly allows us to capture as much of your special day as possible.

The Engagement Session

This engagement session is done before the wedding, normally anywhere from 6 months to several weeks before the ceremony. This session is a benefit for both of us. We get to see you and get to know you through the eye of the camera. We get to learn how you interact with each other and how you react when a camera is present. In doing this it will help ease any jitters that you may have about having your picture taken hundreds of times in a single day. In addition, you get wonderful images of the two of you that aren’t tied to any particular day. These are images of you and you’re significant other – just being together and just being you. It will be the most accurate representation of your relationship to date. These will be images that you will want to display in your home for a very long time.


Engagement Session


Rehearsal Day

Attending the rehearsal is a must because of this when we usually meet the wedding party and families for the first time.  We find that this usually puts people at ease for the big day when they have at least met us prior to the ceremony.  It also allows us an opportunity to see the bride and groom one last time for any last minute changes you may have.

The Wedding Day

Ah, the Big Event! Months of planning finally culminate in this one day. Here is where the real capture begins. We don’t just photograph your standard wedding day pictures – i.e., the family pictures before the ceremony, the ceremony itself and the cutting of the cake. Of course, you get those shots, but that is not where it ends. Not only will you end up with beautiful images that you will want to frame for the coffee table, but you will end up with an amazing album detailing the complete story of your wedding day*. You will remember what it felt like to climb into your wedding day attire. You will remember your emotions upon seeing your future spouse for the first time on that special day. You will get to relive the little things that may have escaped your attention the first time around due to all of the excitement of the day. Put simply, we capture your entire day…the laughter, the nervousness, the silliness, the small details, the tears of joy and the love. We are a storyteller. That is what we do.


Wedding Photography


What to Expect After the Wedding

At Little D Studios, the process of proofing and ordering your final prints is amazingly simple? Once your images are ready, you will receive a private link directing you to view your images online. They will be posted using state-of-the-art software that allows you to see your images and allows you to order prints immediately. It couldn’t be easier. In 7-14 days from the day that you order, you will receive your prints via UPS delivery.  We also offer one on one consultations to help you decide just what images you want and how you will display them.